WWII Litter Cart and Littercreinemann

This is a WII Litter Cart, manufactured by the  Jerald Sulky Co out of Waterloo Iowa, dated 8/6/42 with a serial number of 0413, the cart was still folded inside a heavy fiberboard shipping box, the box was basically toast, but the cart is in great shape, with just some slight rust on the spokes and frame . The shipping label on the box was hard to read but I believe it says Ship To Charlotte Quartermaster Depot, 450 Units, Carrier, Litter… the rest is unintelligible.

Glad I found it, as the auctioneer thought it was a cart for hauling deer out of the woods after the hunt!

I stripped all the rust off, cleaned and repacked all the bearings, repainted the framework, then installed new tubes and reassembled.

The cart and litter  is currently on loan to the Grout Museum, http://www.GroutMuseumDistrict.org

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