TG-5-B Telegraphcreinemann

TG-5-B Telegraph

Here’s a nice little Telegraph set I picked up on Etsy for $20! The seller had it listed as “WWII Key, Perfect to take apart and use for steampunk jewelry!”

Cleaned it up and adjusted the contacts in it. Works good, I have it tied to my BD-71 Field Phone Switchboard.


CHARACTERISTICS. Telegraph Set TG- S-(·) is a portable, open-circuit, fieldset designed for telegraph communication over short lines. The set may be used on ground return circuits obtained by simplexing a telephone circuit, or on other ground return or metallic circuits. The range of the equipment will vary with the type of line wire used, the condition of the wire, whether the wire is wet or dry, and whether the wire is on the ground or in the air. The telegraph set will operate satisfactorily over field wire circuits of any length likely to be encountered within divisions or
subordinate units, provided the lines are well constructed.