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My wife and I also run an online auction site, dealing primarily in antiques. I specialize in selling militaria there as well, so you may want to check it out from time to time if you’re interested in Military Radios, as I do list them for sale. Past radios I have sold include, BC-603, BC-312,314,611’s, AN/GRC-19, various aircraft radios and more.  If you’d like to see our current listings click here at or on my eBay page at’ll open in a new window) And you can sign up for the newsletter that will let you know of upcoming auctions. (Check the eBay link as well, a lot of my militaria gets listed there.)


Military Radio Specific Items:

I am an authorized dealer for Aurora Designs, makers of the VBx-1 Modules. See how I converted a WWII Radio Set Power Supply HERE

   The VBx-1 electronic vibrator represents a whole new paradigm in vibrator replacements. Microprocessor controlled for the highest accuracy and features available, nothing else even comes close!

    Full protection against reverse battery shorted outputs and overpower, the VBx-1 is nearly indestructible. Because of this ruggedness, the VBx-1 can be hardwired into the circuit like any other robust component such as resistors and capacitors. It can also be wired to an original style vibrator base for plug-ability, or even placed inside the can of an original vibrator! With this flexibility, hard to find 5, 6 and 7 pin vibrators are no longer an issue. Operating from 3.0 – 18V (12-38V for VBF-1), only one board is required for all positive ground installations and one for all negative ground installations.

    Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, the microprocessor allows the VBx-1 to offer such unheard-of features as deadband control, delayed start, soft start, delayed restart, short circuit protection and over power protection, all with astounding accuracy. The deadband control, delayed start and soft start features in particular greatly reduce the stresses on the transformer and rectifier extending their lives.

    Not only does the VBx-1 protect itself, but it also protects expensive parts in the radio like the transformer, rectifier and filters. Unlike simple “dumb” electronic vibrators that will burn a transformer up if something as simple as the buffer capacitor shorts, the VBx-1 immediately senses this condition protecting itself and the transformer until the buffer capacitor can be replaced! No longer can a careless user destroy expensive parts in their radio simply by leaving it turned on after a failure.

    As with all Aurora Design products, the VBx-1 is designed to SAE specifications and built in the USA at an ISO9001:2000 facility.


I keep a limited inventory of the modules on hand, if you’re interested in purchasing a module, simply choose the version below and order via the PayPal Button.

VBN-1 Negative Ground Vibrator Module- Cost is $28.25 plus shipping cost within the continental US.

VBP-1 Positive Ground Vibrator Module- Cost is $28.25 plus shipping cost within the continental US.

VBx-1 Technical Sheet

FT-162 Aircraft Radio Shock Mount Used with BC series radios, such as the BC-312 BC-314, etc. It’s in good condition, with just a touch of rust from storage.  Asking $65 and shipping costs.

Email me for purchase or questions.

Bag BG-81 BC-221 Freq Meter Cover (with ST-19) Part of  SCR-211  Needs a good Cleaning.  Price $35 plus shipping

Email me for purchase or questions.

 RM-53 Remote Control Unit. NOS, Still in original WWII box. Asking $85 plus shipping costs.

Email me for purchase or questions.

US Military Trucks, Jeeps, Tanks- vehicles parts document bag 7961712 NOS post WWII  Unused. Price $25 plus shipping. Email me for purchase or questions.

H63/U Headset with carbon microphone, cables with SA-142 Switchbox for radio and or interphone. Asking 35.00 for the set plus shipping costs. Email me for purchase or questions.